At a cost of 60 million euros! New opening of the Jungheinrich Chomutov plant!

● New 37,000 square metre manufacturing site for reach trucks
● Creation of more than 350 new jobs
● Project cost of around 60 million euros

Hamburg/Chomutov. 9 October 2023 – Jungheinrich inaugurated its newest material handling equipment production facility in Chomutov, Czech Republic. The company plans to transform the 37,000 square metre facility, located north-west of Prague, into a production centre for reach trucks. The €60 million project is expected to create more than 350 new jobs. In June this year, Jungheinrich started production of the reach truck ETV 216i in Chomutov, the newest of Jungheinrich’s 12 production sites around the world and a central component of the 2025+ strategy to improve efficiency and profitability.

From left to right Nils Sander (Plant Manager, Jungheinrich Nordstedt), Jiri Rösner (Plant Manager, Jungheinrich Chomutov) and Sabine Neuß (Chief Technology Officer, Jungheinrich).

Sabine Neuß, Chief Technology Officer of the Jungheinrich Group, said: Jungheinrich’s new factory in Chomutov is one of the most advanced forklift production facilities in the world and will take our production to a completely new level. We are expanding the capacity of our European production network to ensure that the steadily growing demand for material handling equipment can also be met in the future.

Starting with the ETV 216i, the production of the entire reach truck range will be gradually transferred to the Chomutov plant. Jiri Rösner, Plant Manager at Jungheinrich Chomutov, adds: We are excited to be part of the Jungheinrich family and to continue writing the success story of the reach trucks at our Chomutov plant. Our strong local team will continue to grow and turn this vision into reality.

Since its launch, the ETV 216i has been one of Jungheinrich’s best-selling star products. With its revolutionary body design, ergonomics and compactness compared to other reach trucks, the ETV 216i is the first Jungheinrich forklift truck with an inbuilt lithium-ion battery developed at the Nordstedt plant. With the relocation of the ETV production line to Chomutov, Jungheinrich will be able to leverage the capacity of the Norderstedt plant to expand its production portfolio, including components for other order pickers, thus enabling further growth.

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When designing the new factory in Chomutov, Jungheinrich paid particular attention to efficiency and sustainability. Cutting-edge innovations have been applied throughout the factory, from the workplace to the complex production facilities. For example, in addition to a fully automated centre for fine metal processing, it boasts an innovative paint spraying line, which enables high-quality coating using less energy and material at the same time. During production and assembly, plant employees can ensure efficiency and quality with digital assistance systems. This is achieved primarily through the use of artificial intelligence.

The Chomutov plant, which combines energy efficiency and carbon optimisation, is not only the newest factory Jungheinrich has built to date, it is also Jungheinrich’s most sustainable. In addition to the use of green electricity and the installation of heat pumps, special insulation in the office areas ensures better energy efficiency. Jungheinrich has reduced its water consumption through rainwater harvesting equipment. In addition, the plant is situated on a 1.5-hectare green space planted with native shrubs and trees, contributing to the promotion of local biodiversity.

In 1992, Jungheinrich opened its first sales company in the Czech Republic. In addition to the new plant, the Jungheinrich Group has three sales outlets in the Czech Republic. The sales department employs more than 360 people. In the Czech Republic, Jungheinrich is recognised as one of the trusted suppliers of forklift trucks.

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