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Also help Construction-Agro machinery spare parts distributor create reliable and high quality filter own brand, there are more than 60 world wide customers choose us to be their OEM brand manufacturer.

In addition, you can check out our filter box design, download our filter catalogue, watch our videos, and find 2125 model filters for JCB, John Deere and CNH.


It is rare to have such a construction-Agro machinery filter manufacturer in China, which is more than one level higher than a large number of similar products on the market.                                                                                              ——  XCMG Purchasing Manager

Low quality and delayed delivery

This is a problem that has always existed but is difficult to solve in the procurement of construction-Agro machinery filters. The reasons are as follows:


Low quality

Because it is difficult for foreign customers to come to China to inspect the factory, foreign customers can not understand the quality of mass goods.


Delayed delivery

Many factories delayed delivery due to increased factory orders and untimely supply of raw materials.


The minimum order quantity

Most factories require 500-1000pcs oil filters and 100-300pcs air filters.


Not focused

Many factories only produce 10-30 models aftermarket JCB filters, customers cannot purchase all aftermarket JCB filters in one factory.


32 925682 683

Part Number: S 32/925682-683 FIL

Air Filter

320 04133

Part Number: S 320/04133 FIL

Oil Filter

32 925346

Part Number: S 32/925346 FIL

Hydraulic Filter

320 07394

Part Number: S 320/07394 FIL

Fuel Filter

32 925694

Part Number: S 32/925694 FIL

Fuel Filter

FILTER-MAX is a filter factory and exporter born to solve the above problems

Our goal is to help construction-Agro machinery parts distributors and filter importers receive high-quality filters on time.





Factory area




Stock quantity




Production line


Quality inspection

     Many factories don’t have quality inspection departments, cannot guarantee the quality of products.

    Our products will be strictly inspected before leaving the factory, will only be delivered after confirming that they are all qualified.


    Many factories produce filters without patent protection, may be sued by the brand at any time.

    Our products are patent protected, customers can buy and sell them with confidence.


     Many factories don’t have perfect after-sales service, so they cannot be solved after product problems.

     We have perfect after-sales service, customers will get all after-sales guarantees after placing the order.

Free sample

     Many factories cannot provide free samples for customers to check the quality.

     We provide free samples for customers to check the quality, in order to understand and check our products in detail.


Construction Filter

Genuine Quality. Durable Trust.

√  More than 2,000 products

√ Professional and reliable service

√ 12 month warranty

√ OEM & ODM order available

Agricultural Filter

Genuine Quality. Durable Trust.

√  More than 2,000 products

√ Professional and reliable service

√ 12 month warranty

√ OEM & ODM order available

Hydraulic Filter

Genuine Quality. Durable Trust.

√  More than 500 products

√ Professional and reliable service

√ 12 month warranty

√ OEM & ODM order available

Out of over 200 clients, one person says this about us...

The service of FILTER-MAX Team is very professional, including quotation , products, delivery, etc. They know aftermarket JCB products well and can always solve the problems I encountered.                                                                                                                                                                                                           ——Aldrich Williams                                                                                                      2021.05.06

Since FILTER-MAX became the supplier of my aftermarket JCB filter business, our company’s market has expanded three times. I believe that future cooperation will be more enjoyable!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ——Bill Brown                                                                                                     2020.08.09

FILTER-MAX’s product quality and professional services make us more confident in the Construction Machinery filter business. They can provide a very complete range of models.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ——Nick Davis                                                                                                        2019.01.21


“You can get all the new replacement filter for aftermarket JCB from us. We produce all types of filters for Construction-Agro Machinery such as air filters, oil filters, fuel filters and hydraulic filters.”

“We have 10000SQM warehouse keep 50 000 filters on stock. 90% of all orders are delivered in 7 days basis in Asia.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              —-By Director Jun Zhang           

filter max

Receive high quality filters on time

FILTER-MAX provide you the free filter samples. Our filters do the mould-building, the sampling, raw material audit and inspection, as well as shipment inspection. After these strict steps, our filters quality can completely replace the original.

If you want to know more aftermarket JCB filter models, please leave a message.


Yes! We are China leading filter manufacturer, 100 employees, 8000SQM workshop, located in east China.

We have ISO 9001:2015 quality system certification, all our products will be 100% product inspection before they are sold to customers, and we accept the third-party product quality inspection.

You can fill in the quote in the form below, and we will reply to you in one hour.

We can provide neutral packaging, customized packaging, customer brand packaging.

We are not original JCB filter, our filter is produced by ourselves, replace the original filter.

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