Manitou Filters

Manitou is a French heavy equipment manufacturer that makes forklifts, cherry pickers, telehandlers, and other heavy equipment. Manitou started in France in 1957 when Marcel Braud designed the first forklift truck for use in rough terrain. They have a range of forklifts including popular models such as the MH 20-4 T and MH 25-4 T. All of which are supported by our range of quality filters.

We have Manitou filters for all Manitou forklifts including:
Manitou Air Filters
Manitou Cabin Filters
Manitou Fuel Filters
Manitou Hydraulic Filters
Manitou Oil Filters

You can find Manitou filter replacement in our filter query system.

If you would require replacement Manitou branded filters please speak to our sales team as we have options available.

FILTER-MAX makes it easy for you to find a replacement filter for any Manitou model for forklifts, here at FILTER-MAX we have all the filter parts you need.

If you would like to speak to one of our knowledgeable and experienced filter experts about our range of Manitou filters, please phone FILTER-MAX at 008613165186108, email jack@filter-max.com or fill out our contact form.


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